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ways to save money on grocery shopping

Our top hints for saving money on your grocery bills

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Look out for their own brand products - for instance I shop at Morrisons and last week I noticed that Special K have bought out a brand new flavour with dried peaches and apricots in - very close to them I spotted that Morrison's own brand also had this new flavour - but for a lot less cash! This indicates to me that perhaps the same company makes them for both Morrisons and Special K - so what will the difference be? Sometimes its that the flakes are small or slightly uneven - purely cosmetic but often it'll be the same product exactly just without the big brand name.

If you buy premium products then try the range down - and if you buy normal items try the cheaper range.

Sometimes looking at the labels can also help you. Diet products are often more expensive but may contain very similar levels of fats and sugars etc to non-diet. Its cheaper to have one less than buy expensive diet biscuits.
Bear in mind that some products like bacon might be cheaper but if you're paying for fat you cut off then you're paying for the fat and not the meat!

Never shop when you're hungry. You're much more vulnerable to putting things in your trolley that you don't need.

Always check your till receipt. Have a look at it before you leave. Some stores offer a policy of refunding you and giving you the item free if you spot a mistake on the till. Ask at your preferred supermarket for what policy they have.

Buy in bulk - but watch out for sell by dates that might not last the length of time you'll need to eat the food. This is very important for big jars of products that might need eating up within three days of opening. Obviuously it is false economy to buy these jars if you'll waste most of it.

Work out when they reduce items. My local Morrisons clear pies, cakes, cooked chickens at low prices if you're there just before they shut. Obviously with some supermarkets staying open for 24 hours a day they have more time to sell items. Learn where your discount shelves are instore and visit them each time you go. Only buy things you need and will use.

Compare prices of fruit and veg with local market stalls or greengrocers. Sometimes they're cheaper.
Remember locally produced seasonal produce should be the cheapest

Don't take the kids with you if you can't stop them putting stuff in the trolley.

Make a list. Sticking to a list stops you spending as much.

Find out when they do product sampling. Be nice to the people who do this and they'll often let you have more than one try!


Real bargain hunting instore - look for the reductions section - there is one in my local supermarket for chilled foods, the meat counter has a reduced area, veg and fruit have their own reduction shelf and there's a shelf for canned and packet goods. It's always worth a quick look on these, and making note of when they do their reductions.

If your supermarket is 24 hours then you need to ask staff as it's not always obvious unless you stumble upon someone marking things down. Early evenings are a popular time.

Morrisons near me often has a member of staff carrying a basket of cooked chickens and pies around by the tills as they're shutting and it's worth a look at these.

Buying fruit off the cheap section - make sure it's something you'll eat, that it's still edible and it'll last until you can manage to eat it, or it can be sliced and frozen. Most fruits are fine if you slice and freeze them - you can then make yummy smoothies from them, or eat them after they've defrosted.
Most veggies are quite long lasting. look out for onions and other essentials. Watch out for the organic items as these can be quite expensive still.

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