£100 free food from supermarkets
Get free food from the supermarkets

We list the best ways of getting free food from the big supermarkets online

So far we've got three voucher offers listed - you could get £300 of food shopping completely free! Food prices seem to be constantly on the up, so applying for these free offers will get you great free food!

1st way of getting free stuff from supermarkets

Tesco Vouchers
There are tesco vouchers available from time to time

Online shopping with tesco is easy - register, shop (It stores your favourites off your clubcard if you've got one) and quickly shop online. Saves time and effort.

2nd way of getting free stuff

Asda Groceries

freebies supermarket

Sainsbury’s have an amazing grocery code available for you - offering £15 off £80 spend on groceries for first time customers only.

Code: MVDD-FN6V-7Q9Q
Offer: £15 off £80 on 1st online grocery shop
Valid on orders delivered from 13/05/12 to 10/06/12
Valid for first-time shoppers only
Valid once per user

Click here to use this voucher


Other ways to eat for free

Sainsbury's Groceries
Sainsburys groceries offers

Great value meal deal and loads of amazing offers available
Read our review of shopping online and ways of saving money at Sainsburys

5% discount for chocolate from Green and Blacks
Free main course Buy one get one free - 2 for 1 main dish offer
Diing out 2 for 1 2 for 1 dining offer
Another 2 for 1 dining offer - for this one you have to change electricity company to Scottish Power but you'll save money on your gas and electric bills so why not?
www.island-delight.co.uk is offering a free Caribbean pattie on its website - all you have to do is print the voucher and take it to your local Asda store!
Chocolates for Christmas - just what you need as gifts or treats - chocolates

Food vouchers

Use these vouchers for online and real life shopping discounts



UK supermarkets - useful links
Tesco Waitrose Sainsburys Morrisons Somerfield
Lidl Iceland M&S Food Ocado Aldi


Just how cool is it to eat for free?

You may have heard of freegens - people who only eat free food. It's seen as a bit extreme if you have to skipdive to eat for free but these voucher offers are excellent news for anyone wanting to save some money on their shopping.
Everyone has to eat and grocery bills seem to be on the increase all the time these days. The price of potatoes, bread and other basics seem to have gone up month on month for some time now.

How to save money at the supermarkets?

See our page on how to save money on your grocery shopping